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Key Features

  • .22/0.44m/s tunnel speed
  • 200kg max conveyor load
  • 43mm steel penetration
  • Intelligent image processing for clear and easy to read scans
  • 1024×1280 display resolution
  • 24bit real time image processing
  • Stores up to 60000 images in real time
  • up to 16× zoom
  • Color coding to distinguish objects for easier processing


Envirenment Temperature/ relative humidity5°C~40°C 0%~90%atmos86kPa~106kPaVoltageAC220V+10%~-15%, 50Hz±3HzMetal Wire resolution38 AWGPenetration Resolution32 AWGspatial resolutionvertical:1.3 level:1.3 mmPenetration34 mmOrganics resolution1-120 mmGray level, mixture resolution1-60 mminorganic substance resolution0.2-14 mmMetal Wire resolution40 AWGPenetration Resolution32 AWGspatial resolutionvertical:1.0 level:1.0 mmPenetration38 mmOrganics resolution1-120 mmGray level,mixture resolution1-60 mminorganic substance resolution0.2-14 mmTunnel Size1500mmX1800mmsingle dose dualX-ray sources≤5 uSv(uGy)Noise level≤60dBConveyer speed0.2m/sConveyer maximum load200KgMax power2KWSafetyelectromagnetic compatibilityelectrical safetyenvironmental suitabilityLeakage Current≤5mAFilm Safety GuaranteeISO1600 FilmWeight950Kg