Key Features

  • .22/0.44m/s tunnel speed
  • 200kg max conveyor load
  • 43mm steel penetration
  • Intelligent image processing for clear and easy to read scans
  • 1024×1280 display resolution
  • 24bit real time image processing
  • Stores up to 60000 images in real time
  • up to 16× zoom
  • Color coding to distinguish objects for easier processing


Item Specification
Tunnel Size ≥59.5”×71”(W×H)(the request is 58”and 66”)
Conveyer Height >13.7”
Conveyer speed ≥0.65’∕s
Freight Loading ≥4400lb( the request is 4000lb)
Line resolution ≥38AWG
penetration ≥1.5”steel (the request is 2 inch)
Penetration resolution ≥30AWG
Space resolution ≤1.3MM
X-Ray Single exposure ≤2.0uGy
Dose per Inspection ≤0.8uGy
Foods, medicine, tape Safety
Noise ≤60dB(A)
insulation resistance ≥500MΩ
Run cycle 100%,Do not need to preheat
Cooling Oil Cooling
Anode Voltage ≥160KV (the request is 200kv)
X-Ray direction Top&side
X-ray generators number 2
Operation system Windows XP
Image resolution ≥1280×1024 (the request is 1600X1200)
Image display B&W,false color
Image authentication Variable multiple energy
Rejection of inorganic substances
Rejection of organics
Color reverse
HD Image enhancement
Image Penetration enhancement
Assistant exploder identify
Real time image storage
Object identify 3 color to identify organics, inorganic substances and light metal
Image zoom 64X continuously
Image playback 164 ft image
Image gray grade ≥65536(16bit)
File safety ASA/ISO1600
Storage Temperature/Humidity -40℃~+60℃/10%~90%(non-condensing)
Operation temperature/Humidity   0℃~+40℃/10%~90%(non-condensing)
Voltage 220VAC(-15%~+10%),50Hz±3Hz(the request is 110VAC)
Power ≤2.0KW