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Ultrathin HD Portable X ray machine


Application scope, scene:

      1. Police officers and military field personnel at the sense of security inspection, explosive disposal, reconnoiter, to check on suspicious objects (gun equipment, drugs, daggers, etc.) identify the illegal and dangerous materials (explosives, explosive timing devices, firearms, etc.) Increase the efficiency of law enforcement personnel and reduce the risk factor of law enforcement personnel.
      2. Forensic autopsy, check for foreign objects in the body, easy to remove foreign object in the muscles, clear orientation, etc.
      3. Non-destructive testing in the industrial sector, such as aluminum castings, manifolds, etc.
      4. Security inspections by the security department, customs, post and telecommunications departments, etc.

operational principle

The X ray which is generated by the x ray source penetrates the inspected object, getting the image from the detection panel, then transmits the image to the PC to display and process.

Main functions and features

      1. With ultrathin detection panel, less 15mm thickness.
      2. With large image 430mm X 350mm, inspect a bigger package only need one-time penetration.
      3. High detection efficiency, can greatly reduce the radiation dose.
      4. The X-ray detection panel can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the shape of the detected object. It can be placed for positive, side, flip, tilt and down.
      5. Equipped with high-power high-performance lithium-ion battery, charging once, can detect 600 pieces suspected bags.
      6. Powerful image processing software that captures X-ray perspective images in real time and provides powerful professional digital image processing.
      7. Both AC and DC power supply can be supported. 24 hours continuous use after connecting 220V/110V power supply.

The system can work normally under harsh environments such as strong light.

Part Numbers

XRP-0300Ultrathin HD Portable X ray machine



Portable X ray parameters
Tube voltage30 Kv -120Kv
Tube current0.3mA—1mA adjustable
penetration25mm steel   60mm aluminum
Dimension245mm x 80mm x 184mm
Detection panel
Image pixel140 μm
spatial resolution3.6LP/mm
Imaging time1S-3S
Imaging size430mm×350mm
work environment5-40 ºC,10-75% RH
Dimension380×460×15 mm
Power consume20W
Laptop parameters
CPUIntel i5
graphics card2G Independent
Hard Disk1T