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Products: Scanners, Detectors and More Technologies

Products: Scanners, Detectors and More: Inspection and scanning of people, vehicles and objects requires high efficiency, pinpoint accuracy and effectiveness with rapid throughput as well as meeting the most stringent regulatory requirements. Aventura Technologies with its best-of-breed solutions and extensive experience clearly delivers.


Walk through scanner solutions
  • Door Frame/Gate Post/Portable
  • 18/24/33/45 Zone Models
  • 7” LCD Touch Screen
  • 999 Sensitivity Levels
  • Head-to-Toe Detection
X-Ray baggage scanner solutions
  • Single/Dual X-ray generator
  • Single/Dual LCD monitors
  • Up to 40mm penetration
  • Weapons, Drugs, Explosive Detection
  • Organic and Inorganic Detection
Liquid Scanner Solutions
  • Portable and In-Ground Permanent
  • Intelligent Ultra HD Inspection Cameras
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Automatic Vehicle Comparison
  • Face & License Plate Recognition
Drug tester solutions
  • High Sensitivity Detection
  • Less Than 6 Second Identification
  • Onboard Printer
  • 10″ TFT Touchscreen Color Monitor
  • VUV Ionization Technology
Liquid Scanner Solutions
  • Identify Liquid Compositions
  • Works With Bottles, Cans, Cups
  • Detect 30+ Liquids
  • Pulse Microwave Reflection Method
  • Thermal Conductivity Technology