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Walk Through Metal Detector MD-WT-WPF – AventuraTechnologies.com


  • Under 5 minute assembly
  • Optional back-up battery
  • Self diagnostic and self calibration
  • Password protected controller
  • Head to toe zone detection
  • 18, 24, 33 or 45 individual zones
  • 255 sensitivity levels for each zone
  • Automatic counting

Part Numbers

MD-WT-WPF-1818 zone waterproof walk-through metal detector
MD-WT-WPF-2424 zone waterproof walk-through metal detector
MD-WT-WPF-3333 zone waterproof walk-through metal detector
MD-WT-WPF-4545 zone waterproof walk-through metal detector



Basic Parameters
Control ScreenLCD touch screen
Controller Operation4 key panel operation
Pass Counter
Alarm Counter
Record Query
Detection Zones18, 24, 33 or 45
Detection Zone Sensitivity0 to 255
Security Level1 to 100
Alarm Sound Volumeadjustable
Alarm Quiet Mode
Alarm Tonesmultiple
Zone Status Indicator Lightfront, optional rear and sides
Smart Partition
Smart Partition Alarm Indicator
Working Frequencies1 to 100 bands
Remote Controloptional
Password protection
Application Environment Presets72 (various sensitivity for each preset)
Exclude Wearable Metals
LED Colorsred and green