Key Features

  • 6 Pinpoint zones to precisely identify multiple target locations from head to toe
  • Advanced broadband detection technology: can detect ferrous and non-ferrous articles
  • Sensitivity adjustable from Level 0 to 99
  • Shock proof to avoid false alarms
  • Audible and LED alarm
  • Intelligent traffic and alarm counters
  • Tamper-Proof and password protected software
  • Adjustable operating frequencies that eliminate the potential effects from X-ray units, radios and other electrical interference sources
  • Mix distance between two Walk-thru: 0.3 meters at low sensitivity, 0.5 meters at high sensitivity
  • Safe for pregnant woman and heart pacemakers
  • Remote control unit (Optional)
Electric Current 80V to 250V
MD-WT-BAS-18 Walk-Thru Metal Detector, 18-Zone
MD-WT-BAS-24 Walk-Thru Metal Detector, 24-Zone
MD-WT-BAS-33 Walk-Thru Metal Detector, 33-Zone


Overall Dimensions 35.4” W x 27.6” D x 88.2” H
Interior Dimensions 29.9” W x 80.7” H
Operating Temperature -4° F to +140° F
Humidity 0 to 95%, no condensation
Protection IP 55 (EN 60529)
Alarm Audible/visible alarm; Alphanumeric display and Zone Display.  Relay contact for remote alarm (SPDT)
Sensitivity 200 sensitivity steps in each program. Separate horizontal zones with
independently adjustable sensitivity from 0-200%
Calibration Automatic or manually set
Interference Suppression Digital filtering by signal processor. Several operating frequencies to
suppress local electrical noise
Network Connections Remote Security Monitoring System compatible (Ethernet)
Battery Backup Up to 8 hours of runtime when no power is available
Traffic Lights To assist in the smooth flow of people through the machine
Weight 90 kg
Warranty 2 Years
Part Number MD-TW-BAS

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