Key Features

  • Dual X-Ray Generators
  • . 22m/s tunnel speed
  • 160kg max conveyor load
  • Up to 37mm steel penetration
  • Intelligent image processing for clear and easy to read scans
  • Stores up to 100,000 images in real time
  • Up to 64× electronic zoom
  • Meets all applicable laws and regulations with respect to X-ray emitting
  • CE labeling


General Specifications
Tunnel Size 660×501 mm
Conveyor Speed .22 m/s
Max Object Size 650×500
Conveyor Height 700mm
Max Conveyor Load standard: 35 mm, typical: 37 mm
Penetration Φ0.127 mm metal line
Resolution (Wire detectability): standard:39AWG, Typical:40AWG
Penetrate Resolution Φ0.127 mm metal line
Spatial Resolution Level:Φ1.0 mm, Vertical:Φ1.0 mm
Pass Rate 1600 piece/h
System Noise 54 dB(A)
Ray Safety
Dose per Inspection 4.6uSv
External Dose <1uSv/h
Film Safety Guarantee ISO1600 Film
X-ray Generator
Quantity 2× Generators
Anode Voltage Cooling 160 kV cp • hermetically sealed oil bath
Beam Direction Horizontal and Vertical
Image System
Grey Levels 65536
Image Presentation B/W, color Hi Mat Plus
Digital Video Memory 1280 x 1024 / 24 bit
Image Evaluation Functions VARI-MAT 02, OS, High, Low, NEG
Step-less Electronic Zoom 64×
Monitor Two (2) 17” Flat Panel LCD Monitor with stand(19” optional)
Image storage Up to 100,000 images
Additional Features Luggage counter
User id-number
Luggage marking system (acoustic)
Display of operating mode
Review-feature (to recall previously visible image areas)
Zoom overview
Free programmable keys
USB 2.0 interface
Step-less zoom
General Information
Sound Pressure Level <70 dB(A)
Storage Temperature/Humidity -20° to 60°C, 10%-95%(non-condensing)
Voltage 110,220 VAC + 10%/ -10% 50 Hz / 60 Hz±3 Hz
Power Consumption 1.2 kVA
Weight 800 Kg
Dimensions 2330 (L) × 1357 (W) × 1331 (H)
Warranty 3 Years
Part Number XR-0650D