Comprehensive X-Ray Scanners & Security Solutions

security x-ray scanners metal detectors

Aventura’s comprehensive line of security x-ray scanners from mail and parcel to baggage, cargo and vehicles are the solution. With today’s evolving security challenges and concerns organizations require highly reliable, high-throughput systems, which are efficient and cost effective.  Enhanced screening is achieved utilizing Aventura’s advanced detection and identification algorithms. Couple that with ergonomic designs, intuitive interfaces and centralized remote management and the result is expeditious screening.

security x-ray scanners metal detectors

Aventura provides a diverse selection of walk-through metal detectors based upon state-of-the-art scanning technology, which locate metal objects to maximized accuracy.  The advanced microprocessors implement multi-dimensional scanning with the ability to preset for various security environments. Aventura line consists of indoor/outdoor, portable/transportable, battery-operated, intelligent with integrated analytics and face recognition.  There is an Aventura solution for each and every situation maximizing patron flow with minimal alarm rates.

security x-ray vehicle cargo scanners

Aventura’s Vehicle X-Ray System uses transmission imaging, a top-down oriented x-ray generator and optimized geometry in order to provide high-resolution images of vehicles driving through the scanning frame. The Vehicle X-Ray is a safe and cost-effective scanner that achieves top imaging performance with an extremely low radiation dose for the vehicle occupants. Developed with a constant focus on high performance and unparalleled reliability, it can scan up to 400 vehicles per hour in search for contraband or threats such as weapons, improvised explosive devices or other forbidden items.

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Aventura’s under vehicle inspection system (UVIS) is available in both permanent and mobile solutions. It automatically identifies threats as the vehicle’s undercarriage is scanned as it passes over the intelligent panoramic 3D imager. Aventura’s UVIS has an analytics engine that performs a comparative lookup to a known safe vehicle database. The user interface displays a side-by-side image view revealing any deviation, which is indicative of a potential threat. Any variations are visualized by graphical circles around the area of concern. License plate recognition, analytics and magnetic field detection add enhancements.


Aventura provides explosives and narcotics trace detector which detect and identify in a matter of seconds.  It’s small, lightweight and portable design make it convenient. The highly sensitive detector can simultaneously identify varieties of military, commercial and homemade explosive threats as well as common controlled substances. At the core of the Aventura detector is the non-radioactive ion mobility spectrometry.  Manual and wand sampling are accomplished with single-use swabs minimizing risk of contamination and addressing hygienic concerns.

security x-ray scanners metal detectors

Aventura’s liquid scanning systems identify a variety of chemical contents which reside in bottles, can, cups made from metal, glass and ceramic. Utilizing ultra-wide band pulse microwave reflection methods and thermal conductivity technology results in 99% accuracy detection rates.  The advanced scanner is highly adaptive with adjustable parameter settings and the ability to add new liquid samples to the database.  Liquid scanner systems are safe with no radiation emissions.  With 2 second startup times and less than 5 second analysis streamlines throughput.

security x-ray scanners metal detectors

Aventura hand-held battery-operated security wands detects ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel weapons, contraband, and other metallic objects of varying sizes.  It’s precision design results in detection of guns, knives, razor blades, box cutters, improvised weapons and foil wrapped objects.  The wands can provide both audible and vibrating alarm with corresponding LED indicators identifying the alarm level.  The large surface area provides rapid but thorough scanning of individuals.  Using energy efficient components results in extended battery life.