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Comprehensive Scanner & Threat Detection


Aventura affordable detection/prevention scanners. With walk-through metal detectors, baggage scanners and narcotics detectors. These scanners will detect threats in real time. As a challenge for a changing security landscape.


Specialist products such as and liquid inspection. These can detect a range of threats with ease. Devices are of high quality. Minimal maintenance required, and easy to use hardware/software.


Aventura scanners in the Versa range are creating a complete security package.


Scanners can integrate into your current access control system, give you an affordable and low cost of ownership product. Backed by our technical support for a piece of mind.

Key Features

  • Advanced broadband scanner detection technology
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Easily integratable
  • LED indicators & audible alarm
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for transit hubs, financial institutions, correctional facilities, and venues